22nd Nov 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Admires Guardian Sky+ Paul Kinsler Article But Spots Worrying Factor

It is almost as if just before the Guardian snapper turned up to take a picture of maverick IT Pro Mag editor, Paul Kinsler, he decided to do a quick check to make sure he portrayed the image of an IT person so his audience could relate to him.

You see, Paul Kinsler is a maverick and he has done a great thing by showing simpletons like me that it is easy to increase the hard drive on your Sky+ box.

I immediately thought that the story was more than worth a good blog on our site and then I saw his picture and I laughed long and hard. I should point out, I did not laugh at his appearance, he looks a fine specimen of a man, no no no, I laughed at the fact that he is a proper IT dude as he still wears his mobile phone on his belt!

Top top top top stuff.

Here is the article, complete with the picture.

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