14th Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Admires Music Industry Public Relations Campaign

Yo yo yo punks, word on da street is that there is some mo fo action going down between Fiddy and Westo (Kanye).

50 Cent, did you know he was shot nine times! Ow!

Rumourz from da media is that it is just another flobbing public relations ting but hell no, I aint having that. Fiddy, or 50 Cent for those not in the know, is saying that he aint going to even be recording any more solo tracks if the boy Kanye beats him in the album charts when they both release new music on September 11.

Kany West
Was once in a car crash - not quite as gangsta as Fiddy!

X-Files stylee, the truth is out there... Kanye and Fiddy are mates and Kanye even features on Fiddy's new album. Wots more, turns out that both of them were given their chance by Eminemineminem.

Boys on the war path or slick music industry public relations campaign... you decide.

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