13th Apr 2006, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Advertising Opportunity

Been talking to a client about this recently (Duane from kashFlow), but as soon as you get seriously involved in marketing, design and public relations then you stop reading mags and wandering through life normally and instead look at the style of ads, article positioning and missed opportunities.

I saw a missed ad opportunity recently myself on the way to London a few weeks ago.

I was travelling on the Gloucester to Paddington (nicknamed by rail staff as Bumpkins on Tour route) train when we went past one of those gas works places, just on the route into Paddington where the train begins to slow.

10 Yetis wants an ad here!

you will see that it is a great ad opportunity and I am suprised no-one has used it. I noticed during the Ashes last year that people are using these gas infrastructures more and more for ads.

Even in Gloucester the one here has been liveried like a pint of guiness so when the tank empties and lowers, it goes down like a pint, and fills like a pint when it goes up. Very good idea.

Wonder if by the time I next go to London, next week, we will see an ad plastered on there?

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