28th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis agree as Andy Abraham bins off the Eurovision Song Contest

So... I decided that the title would have the word bin in it, and went from there, wordsmith I am.

Based on the politically motivated points awarding by the 'Eastern Block' countries, the Eurovision has come under significant fire here in the UK. I do think there's an element of spilt milk crying and poutiness, but in all honesty, the farce that is the 'Contest' has long been a tired premise. Even the title of the event belies the true nature - since when has the top 10 or so of a contest involving so many countries been able to be so accurately predicted before an act has even performed?

I think Andy Abraham was a fool to believe anything any different, and is quoted as since saying "It's sad, it's really, really sad. It was all talked about beforehand and I decided that I was going to dismiss it, but it's very difficult to dismiss something that's right in your face."

The X-Factor runner-up finished dead-last having beaten Michelle Gayle to represent the UK, and despite their poor performances, Britain, France, Germany and Spain - the 'Big Four' who contribute the most money to the contest - will qualify automatically for next year's event.

Terry Wogan stated that "Russia were going to be the political winners from the beginning. Western European participants have to decide whether they want to take part from here on in as their prospects are poor," and cast doubt on whether or not we will hear his drunken slurs again by proclaiming, "I have to decide whether we want to do this again."

Still, at least we've got Euro 2008 to look forward to. Hang on...

Andy Abraham is apparently considering whether his career move was the right thing to do.

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