27th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Announces 2nd Facebook PR Q&A - 27 May 08

Good News Blog Readers.... Trumpets please.... After the raging success of our last free Facebook Q&A session (well, 12 business owners signed on), we are pleased to announce that we will be doing another one.

This will be on Tuesday 27th May from 2-4pm.

Just to clear up any confusion on where it is or how you take part, below is a step by step guide... INCLUDING DIAGRAMS!!! Ta da.

Step One - Sign up to Facebook (obvious really)

Step Two - Once you have signed in you will have a little tool bar on the left with options... choose the option that says "Groups" (see image below).

How to Find the Groups Section

Step Two - Then you need to click on the 10 Yetis Group Icon (we are the one with around 130 people) - see Diagram Two - below.

How to Find the 10 Yetis Group

Step Three - Once on our group you need to click on our "event", which is on the right hand side, under our logo/icon. See diagram three below.

How to Find the Event

Step Four - Now you just need to write on the Wall section of the group with your questions on the date of the event. See below...

Where to write your questions

Hope to see you there....

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