22nd Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis applauds a great bit of Celebrity PR

Anybody who watched the Brits last night will have been witness to some particularly strange goings on, including Vic Reeves getting a profanious beatdown by Sharon Osbourne and the Arctic Monkeys having the mics faded out during their slurred, yet scathingly humorous second Brit acceptance speech (for Best British Album), having not said a word when accepting their first Best British Band award.

The oddest part of the night for me was an appearance from none other than Gandalf himself, Sir Ian McKellan. Realising that he may be perceived as a little out of place, he stated prior to announcing any nominations that he was only there to meet Mika!

Fairplay to Sir Paul McCartney, for if his winning of a Lifetime Achievement Award was not organised PR, it was certainly not a kick in the teeth. The media have proved in the past that they can turn on celebrities when least expected, so his award and subsequent performances should have cemented his place in the hearts of the British public.

Despite a good performance, maybe skirt-tugging Amy Winehouse should have visited the bathroom before she performed...

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