11th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis are a little disappointed with the Gladiators

The show has had some great PR, and Chris Moyles hasn't stopped going on about it.

Having been so excited about the impending return of the Gladiators, I have to say that the lineup doesn't impress me as much as the previous incarnation's athletes, but the inclusion of the eggheaded Ian Wright makes up for it!

There is an amateur bodybuilder, who as you would expect; is huge - his name is Atlas, and he has girly Hunter hair. There is also a Royal Marines Commando, an Olympic hopeful, an American Footballer, an Olympic medal-winning runner, former Great Britain discus thrower and a former hammer thrower who has also competed in the Olympics. Not bad credentials, though.

I'm sure they'll win us all over, I just wish it was on anything other than Sky One - I have Virgin Media, so will have to crash my friends' houses to watch the legendary John Anderson spout his usual pre-event grunts!

I'm sure that this has probably already been said a million times, but there will never be another Wolf. Never.

And now, over to John Anderson...

He's a bit less scary now he owns an indoor childrens play centre called Chipmunks Playground, don't you think?

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