05th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis are amazed.

This is potentially one of the most shocking and tragic stories so far this year, and definitely deserves a mention.

A fire broke out in a flat in Ludwigshafen, Germany yesterday afternoon, killing nine, including 5 children and a pregnant woman. At the risk of this blog becoming extremely morbid, the best news is that a young baby was thrown from a 3rd floor window in an act of desperation and survived, after being caught by a fireman. It is not known whether the baby's parents survived or not, but the police say that they 'cannot exclude further victims'.

As a dad this story really touched me, and was accompanied by a picture similar to that of 'the falling man', from 9/11. Although I nearly choked on my high-fibre low calorie cereal when I saw it, it is nothing short of miraculous that the guy managed to catch the baby.

Thank God that it wasn't Iain Balshaw waiting to make the catch.

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