04th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis are compelled by Zeno the robot.

There is a new face of technology... and his name is Zeno.

I'm going to be honest, he's going to be perceived as a little scary. However, he is also kind of endearing, as his facial expressions mimic his 'feelings' a la CGI hit movie 'A.I.'. He can smile, look upset, learn, talk, and even view the world around him thanks to a camera behind his eyes, which gives him a 3D picture of the environment around him. It is said that he can recognise faces and voices, and can even stand up by himself in a life-like way if he is sat down.

He was created by reported 'robot expert' (well, he wasn't built by a caveman using pieces of flint and brute force, was he!?) David Hanson, who claims that Zeno can even build a relationship with you, where you can keep his software updated thanks to add-ons available via the Internet, ensuring that he keeps learning. He can even teach you a thing or two as well, if reports are to be believed!

You've totally gotta check him out.

Who needs friends when you can have a proper cool robot guy who would probably help you kill people and stuff, at the same time as telling you how totally wicked you are and smiling cutely/menacingly?

All this for only £100, when he comes out. Which could be a couple of years yet. Check out his site here.

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