06th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Are Not a Figment of the Imagination

British artist, Pollyanna Pickering was in Bhutan region, gathering material for a new exhibition, when she discovered what is now being classed as “potentially explosive” proof that Yetis did indeed exist! Well, just a visit to the Yeti HQ would have proven that!!

Pickering was shown a genuine 100-year-old scalp (with bone still attached!!) and claimed that it was bigger than any human or ape scalp she had ever seen....clearly, much like Yetis of today, these creatures were extremely intelligent....

Pickering ended up doing this ‘photofit’ from detailed descriptions of the Yeti sightings, with the whole village telling her exactly what it looked like...

Hmm...Looks familiar....

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