18th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis are still here!

Despite a busy day at Yeti HQ doling out high quality Press Releases, we couldn't miss the opportunity to put in our two-pence about the PR sham that is Heather Mills.

I know that possibly everybody in the country has blogged about her, but it is a good opportunity to point out the fact that Paul McCartney's PR team managed to lead him through the potentially dangerous media minefield and brought him out the other end relatively unscathed.

His team, in no small way, have helped protect his public image, whilst I doubt that the resentful Heather could even pay a PR team all of her newfound millions to represent her anymore.

I wish she'd stop bleating on about her daughter as well - as has been mentioned in the press, tens of thousands a year is more than enough for a 4 year old, but besides that, it's not like Paul won't have anything to do with his own daughter, is it?

I'd better be careful - I'll be sure to watch out for crazy looking, hobbling women with a mean glint in their eye and a cup of water to hand!

Just another example of Yob Britain... This'll be you if you're not careful - shaking in your boots yet?

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