17th Dec 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis - Are You a True Entrepreneur Flowchart - Inspired by Multimap Sale

Sean Phelan's sale of Multimap to Microsnot, and all the profiles I have read about him as a result of the sale reminded me of many other entrepreneurial success stories and this made start thinking... I reckon I can put together a flowchart to help readers work out if they are destined to be a successful entrepreneur.

Sadly, I could answer yes to hardly any of these so I am destined to be forever working my cahoonas off :-)

So here it is. If you can answer a big "Hell Yeah" to the majority of these then I reckon you should get in touch and let us do your PR cos you are going to be famous baby...

Q1: Do your parents continually go on about your skills with an abacus when you were a baby?

Q2: When growing up, did you have a frightfully terrible childhood that inspired you to "get to the top" in life?

Q3: When you were at junior/infants or primary school, did you set up an elaborate tuck shop, or alternative to the school dinners type business... maybe you were even a mini loan shark? Did this taste of money drive you on?

Q4: Have you worked for a big company, FTSE 100 say, yet after your training you "had to leave" cos you could not work in such a stuffy corporate environment? Maybe you have been heard to utter the line, "I could never work in a 9-5 role"?

Q5: Did you experience riches and business success earlier in life only to blow it all on loose women, drugs and alcohol and now you have fought your way back to the top again?

Q6: Are you now looking for a new challenge because your current business has reached a stage where you are raking it in and you are bored?

Wireless Week Image cred
Mr Phelan - the cause of this blog post

These are the same sorts of lines i read about all successful entrepreneurs who the media decide to profile (with the odd exception) and I reckon my questions can help you decide if you should carry on looking for the "gold" idea or just get down the job club :-)

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