10th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Asks - Are We The Only People Not Bothered About Post Office Closures

One issue keeps coming up time and time again in the broadcast media and this is to do with the threat of Post Offices being closed.

I understand what campaigners say about them often being the life blood of the community, especially in rural places where the big four banks have pulled out, but in my experience Post Offices nowadays are dated, dirty and not a pleasant experience at all.

I am judging this on the 2 Offices near us where we have to go fairly frequently for overseas stamps and mass purchase of stamps as an SME. The one in the town centre particularly is horrid. It is dark, filthy and there is a threatening atmosphere as soon as you walk in.

Post Office
The Office Where Posting can be Carried Out

Once you reach the counter, long gone are the friendly postal staff who have been replaced by commercial operatives looking for ways they can up sell you from a stamp to a credit card. It turns out the Post Office credit card is a good offer, but there is no way I would make such a snap decision there and then at the counter with 100 kids whistling around and a cue that goes out into the street.

I personally think that Post Offices must make a loss, I jut can't imagine how they can mak a profit on what they offer, so I for one think it is time we thought about how they can be phased out and replaced with something better. I do think this may be an opportunity for better integration using local community shops.

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