31st Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis asks – Was London Dome’d from the start about Super Casino?

Quite shocked that the Dome in London missed out on getting the UK's first Super Casino to Manchester.

Regardless of all the bashing by the media the Dome is a spectacular thing to look at and is totally wasted by being left redundant.

London Dome, pic from This is London.

The Dome never recovered from early media critisism, largely believed to have been caused by a bunch of national editors who spat their dummy out because they were forced to (shock horror) take the Tube with ordinary members of the public instead of getting limo's from the Dome builders.

The rumour is that the editor's then got their late and missed all the backslapping moments so they did a proper hatchet job on the Dome and it has never recovered.

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