08th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Asks - When Did Kettle's Become Entertainment Systems?

Ok dudes, this may appear dull, a post about a kettle but stick with me.

In Jilly's post about our Big Brother launch party she posted a picture showing the chinese feast. If you forgot what the feast looked like click here.

It appears that some of the more observant blog readers spotted that our kettle looks orange and some were even moved to email and ask what the hell that is all about.

No seriously!

Well, it is true, our kettle changes colours throughout the day and has a different colour range when it is boiling. Yes yes yes I know... it just boils water and I was just as "what the flip is the point" when we found it.

I should point out that the only reason we found it was because I was talking to the lovely Tom at Coding Monkeys on the phone comparing bank holiday chores and he mentioned he to had recently been forced to buy a new kettle.

He said his was blue and appeared lit in some way so off I went along with Jilly to see if we could find these flash kettles. One trip to Comet later and hey presto we found one that changed colours and evevn "binged" after it had boiled.

So yes, as the eagle eyed bloggers discovered, our kettle does go orange, and hey ho, it turns out this blog was quite dull after all :-)

I guess what I am trying to say is... where will it end? It makes me feel a bit odd that people sometimes feel the need to go over and beyond about the simplist things... after all it just needs to boil water, not be an entertainment system.

Swish Breville Spectra Kettle
Our Kettle Flashes - Dirty Little Thing!

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