26th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Asks Where The Flip is Bono & the Gloucester Aid Song

Jilly just came up with the wonderful line earlier that given our predicament of no water, crap electricity and general shiteness currently in Gloucester... where the flipping of the heck is Bono and Bob Geldof?

Should they not be out singing a flipping song for us on the streets of Gloucester? Raising money so we can raise this city, quite literally?

If he is good enough for world famine, can he not do anything for us, I mean, we are down to our last frozen pizza and pretty soon I will have only beer left in the fridge to drink.

Come on Bono, pull your finger out your ass and get to Gloucester.

I am thinking we should release a song as a community in Gloucester:

Chorus could be:

When the water reached the dreaded height,
Was Bono here, was he shite!
When all we needed was an uplifting song,
Geldof and Bono where missing - and that is just wrong,

So come on Bono, you charity druid,
Sing us a song and bring us fluid!

Sir Bono and Geldof
Gloucester needs a Bonio campaign

Ok, maybe need to work on the song.

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