20th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Becomes Celebrity Public Relations Specialist... For America?

We are not quite sure why, but this week we have had a plethora (check out the big words on me!) of celebrity public relations enquiries from our American cousins?

Our search and web stats are not kicking up anything out of the ordinary, other than we are seeing that a growing number of people are finding us via Live, at the expense of Google (an interesting statistic in itself), and we are certainly not Search Engine Optimised as an American Celebrity PR Agency, but something is obviously going on?

I can only guess that somehow, somewhere, an American business magazine has mentioned us (maybe in relation to us being the Public Relations Agency that Launched Tribewanted or such like) and so people and businesses are getting in touch?

Still, not complaining, always nice to speak to people from different countries (we already have clients in Poland, Fiji, France and America).

American Flag
10 Yetis Stands and Salutes the American Flag

All very odd.

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