25th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis believe consistency is key to successful brand advertising

In a bid to analyse effective Television advertising, a survey was recently undertaken asking members of the public 'Which of the following TV commercials do you remember seeing recently?'.

Before reading further, just think of one quickly, and see if it's on there.

The 20 strong list is not at all surprising in all fairness, judge for yourself the top ten....

1. Churchill
2. Specsavers
3. Morrisons
4. Muller Light
5. Tiscali
6=. Asda
6=. Moneysupermarket
8. Danone Activia
9. Marks and Spencer
10. McDonalds*

Did yours feature? My guess is, probably. The reason that Churchill and Specsavers are first and second respectively is not because they need a celebrity to endorse the product or service, but in my opinion, due to their consistency. The same with Asda (simply 'that's Asda Price'), Marks and Spencer ('this isn't just... this is M&S...') and McDonalds ('I'm Lovin' It').

For as long as I can remember, Churchill have used the monosyllabic nodding dog as their marketing tool, and have enjoyed great success due to it. Specsavers were able to fashion their memorable tagline 'Should've gone to Specsavers' that although consistent in itself, is able to be moulded and applied to many different situations. This has ensured the ad series' popularity, and built great brand awareness as demonstrated by it's placement in the results.

Argos are trying to develop this consistent approach with their tagline 'don't shop for it, Argos it', but are failing to have the same effect - Argos do not even make the full top 20 list. In my opinion, the tagline is neither a clever play on words nor something likely to be repeated by consumers. I witnessed Specsavers' tagline make it into the playground (sometimes at the expense of somebody's ill-advised style), heard people in the street singing 'I'm Lovin' It', and even heard and read people's manipulations of M&S' phrase (much like Mastercard's Priceless campaigns), but will put money on the fact that Argos will never enjoy the same brand-awareness through this campaign.

In my opinion, an advert has to be something pretty special (usually a viral ad such as John West's 'bear-fu') to become memorable if it is not part of a consistent campaign. A good example of this is the fantastic Transformer-style Citroen C4 advert, which became a huge viral hit.

(*11-20... 11=. Tetley Redbush Tea, 11=. Quorn, 13=. Vanish Oxi-Action, 14=. Tesco, 14=. Colour Catcher, 16=. Skoda, 16=. Disneyland Paris, 18. Centre Parcs, 19. Direct Line, 20. Alberto V05)

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