25th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Blog Review of 2007 - Results Are In

Would you flipping beleive it. I was conducting a review of the blog for the entire 2007 period when I found a button that told me what was the most popular blog post of last year.

Before I tell you, please keep in mind that this blog has helped us to not only increase enquiries but also helped us to become referenced as supposed "experts" in our field of public relations, design and general media by various people who we respect.

Loads of time, effort and planning goes into the blog (no really, although it may not always look like it) so imagine my absolute flipping madness when I read that the most popular/well read blog post was about Paris MoFo Hilton!

Hilton's Prison Post Topped 10 Yetis

Apparently, more people have read that post than any of our other posts... I can only presume it is the Search Engines fault , and mine for writing it in the first place.

God damn it... we are a serious company... no really!

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