26th Oct 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Brings Home The Spam For ClearMyMail

And a few more bites for ClearMyMail.

This time in the style of The Price is Right....

Come on down....
Media campaign company 10 Yetis
Computer Active Ran our story

The Price is Right....
public relations agency 10 Yetis
E-Pay News - great name!

Is the following article more or less expensive than a carriage clock?
small busines public relations specialist 10 Yetis
Fin News... odd one!

Come on down (again)...
public relations agency 10 Yetis
This came from a land down under

And for a chance to win a Holiday to Bognor...
10 Yetis Public Relations
Precision Marketing got to heart of the story

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