18th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Calls Time on Free Pitches for Public Relations

Yesterday afternoon was spent taking some time out to carry out our monthly business planning where we look at how 10 Yetis is doing as a whole and how each business sector, Design, Viral, PR and Marketing, is performing.

2007 has been our busiest year yet with us moving into new offices, taking on new clients across all sectors, getting our design work published and on the PR side we have been consistently achieving national coverage and making quite a name for ourselves at a global level.

At the end of 2006 when we carried out a review of the calendar year we identified that we needed to make ourselves more visible in our local area as the majority of our existing clients are based in the South East of the UK and we are based in the South West. The start of 2007 saw us set in place a number of marketing initiatives to address this culminating in us sponsoring one of the South West's largest music events, The Linton Festival which happens in June 07.

So generally we are pleased with how things are progressing but changes and tweaks always have to be made to make sure we can maintain our growth and remain at the forefront of what we do.

Sweet Design Skills
Jilly reads a book 10 Yetis Design work was published in

One of these changes, and probably the most significant relates to our public relations services.

Since we formed 10 Yetis some years ago we have ALWAYS carried out free idea pitches. For those not in the know this is where we send over 5-10 public relations ideas to clients before they sign up to give them something to think about.

We get inundated with new business enquiries each week thanks to 10 Yetis being the number one most referred to PR Agency for SME's on various online UK business forums and over the years a number of the companies who have decided to not use our services for whatever reason have taken our pitch ideas and tried to run the campaigns themselves.

When this happens it is quite flattering but also fairly frustrating. Legally there is very little you can do due to the expense of chasing these things up and the time it takes to do so.

I need to make it clear it is not only SME's who have done this but also some larger and well known companies including IT firms, telecoms firms and consumer facing organisations.

So, we have now decided to trial a new system whereby, unless it is an excpetional case, we will only provide pitch ideas once the client has signed up to use our services and paid an initial deposit. In theory people may think, "you are asking people to pay before seeing what you do" and this is not the case for reasons mentioned below.

Our blog section outlines and reviews the work we have done for clients along with showing the coverage we have achieved over the years. It has now grown to the stage that it is one of our most effective ways of winning new business and we believe it serves as a strong example of what we can achieve for our clients.

Recent National Coverage for a Client

For those who just want a load of public relations ideas but may want to execute them themselves or with another PR firm, we will be offering a new service where we brainstorm campaign ideas for a small fee.

The bottom line for us is that we want to take our customer service to the next level and we believe the new process will enable this.

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