08th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Cannot Wait to See Mighty Mikhail V Captain Bill

The BBC Online News subs have had a field day talking up a looming legal battle between Mighty Mikhail (Gorbachev) and the king of Uber-Geek chic, Captain Bill (Gates).
Unfortunately when you read into the story there is no legal battle on the horizon and all parties are being quite amicable.

he had nice trousers
He used a Gorby trouser press to look so smart!"

Basic gist, some school teacher in Russia was using un-licensed Microsoft software and he got tumbled so the anti piracy lot in Russia decided to fling the book at him (note, not Microsoft). This all got escalated up to the point where Putin got involved and said words to the effects of, “leave our teacher alone” and then Gorby posted similar words on his blog (Gorby has a blog!!) calling for Microsoft to stop the legal action.

he had nice trousers
Captain Bill in his Battle Jumper Clothing"

Captain Bill rode in and said that Microsoft were not taking legal action and pointed out it was the Russian government’s anti piracy lot and then everyone calmed down over a warm glass of honey flavour Wodka. Story over, and that made front page of the tech news on the BBC website… good old Sub Eds…

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