15th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Can't Wait to Watch Panorama on Scientology with John Sweeney

You must have already seen this but I was away at the weekend so I missed a large chunk of the coverage but John Sweeney of the BBC's Panorama lost his cool whilst doing a documentary on Scientology.

The YouTube Vid should be below for you to watch, but I can't wait to see the show tonight.

I have read some of the wider press about tonights show and it is clear that Lt Ron Hubbard's Scientology clan went to great lengths to counter the BBC's investigation.

Personally, and these are just my thoughts following on from a bad experience I had with a few Scientology posse when at Uni, I think they are mad as a bag of squirrels. Once they get your contact info and you ask a question they aint letting you go.

Team Scientology spent thousands putting together a very slick PR campaign to rubbish the BBC, which is a tough ask given it is the most respected news gathering service on the globe. Fair play to them (Science dudes) though, they have done a really good job on the PR front and it will go along way to helping them get more balance to the story.

From what I hear though, Hubbards men went to extreme lengths to stop this documentary from happening... says it all really.

Guardian did a good write up here...

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