21st Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Celebrity PR Help 'n' Advice for Kerry Katona

I think we can all guess that in next weeks "What we are all talking about" section of Heat Magazine Kerry Katona may feature heavily.

Fresh from the revelations that she is still smoking up to 20 a day despite being heavily pregnant and making her negative drug test results made public, apparently the Iceland brand "icon" is now back in rehab after finding out that her hubby allegedly had an affair.

Her MTV, or Living TV (I cannot remember), TV show is now on hold whilst she gets her shizzle together... a blow to the TV industry I am sure.

Pic Cred BBC
Role Models for Many in Life - Apparently Including Celebs

I know Max Clifford did her PR for a while, but not sure if he still does? Whoever it is needs to have one of those very awkward, client - PR chats where a bit of friendly advice is put forward.

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