17th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Consumer PR Agency of Choice

This week we have done three pitches in 2 days so far and it has been flipping manic, but in a really positive way as it is a good buzz.

Anyway, one of the best things we love about pitches is the fact no one ever eats all the biscuits so when everything is done and dusted we have a pile of nice bickies (everyone always loves the Yeti biscuits) to plough through whilst we discuss ideas and opportunities.

Hob Nobs
Dunk me, dunk me again, I am going no where!

An entirely pointless blog post but at least you now know that if you ever want good biscuits you know where to come, oh yeah... and we will deliver a kick ass consumer, business to business or trade media & public relations campaign as well :-)

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