08th Jul 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up - 08/07/13 - Offeroftheday.co.uk Featuring on The Times and Your Money

The PR activity from money saving website offeroftheday.co.uk has had some really good results recently, featuring on The Times online and on money saving website Your Money.

The release for offeroftheday.co.uk went out to the press last week and centred around the tendency of friends to 'skimp' on their fair share of the bill. It's something that the majority of us can probably relate to, which was certainly backed up by the results of a poll. The study was conducted as part of research into personal finances and the effects of social interaction. The results of the survey, which polled over 1,300 people, suggested that nearly two thirds of us have experienced 'expense evasion' at some stage.

The results enabled the team at offeroftheday.co.uk to compile a top five of methods of 'expense evasion' based on the experiences encountered by those surveyed.

Number one on the list (certainly a big bug bear of mine!) was the friend who chooses the most expensive item on the menu and then insists on splitting the bill. "That steak sure looks tasty, but at £23 maybe it's more sensible to go with the £12 chilli con carne" is what probably goes through the mind of the more socially aware diner. But some people just bulldoze ahead and rely on everybody else to stump up. "I'll have the steak please...shall we split the bill?" This is too common an occurrence!

Public Relations

offeroftheday.co.uk and The Times online

Number two. How about that poor designated driver? It seems some people have no shame when it comes to allowing the person sticking to soft drinks all night to get involved with the expensive alcoholic bar bill.

We've probably all got one of those friends whose eager to pop up when somebody offers to get the first round in, but is then strangely absent when it's their turn. A toilet break perhaps? That emerged at number three on the list of cunning evasions.

Moving onto number four. How about the 'silent partner' when it comes to paying for the taxi at the end of a night out? There's often somebody crouched behind the driver when it comes to fare time, whose less than forthcoming with their spare change. Financial good sense or a clear example of the tight-fisted? 41% of those polled clearly thought it was a negative form of penny pinching.

Public Relations

offeroftheday.co.uk and Your Money

And at number five, there's the friend who 'forgets' their wallet or card on a night out with the promise of 'I'll pay you back'. The payment of which never seems to materialise.

The Times and Your Money certainly felt an affiliation with the results as evidenced by their coverage. Check out the cuttings or take a look at the full articles on their websites.

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