23rd Sep 2015, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for 10 Yetis Digital - Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Here at 10 Yetis Digital we wanted to analyse internally how we use Twitter, so our very own Dan came up with a little app that allowed us to do so, before having the bright idea that, actually, we could probably get some amazing stats from this by making it accessible to all. So that's exactly what Dan did.

Say hello to Life On Twitter.

It's a social experiment app that analyses up to 1,000 of your last tweets to determine how influences you, who's your best friend, when in the week you're most likely to tweet, your most common emojis and hashtags... and much more!

Everyone's having fun with it and it's already been picked up by The Next Web and Brand Republic, as can be seen below.

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