22nd Jul 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up for Banish Bags and offeroftheday.co.uk - 22/07/13

We've secured some really good coverage for our clients recently, but particularly for Banish Bags from Versapak. There was a great mention in the Telegraph magazine over the weekend, as Daisy Bridgewater looked a ways for keeping the kids on the straight and narrow during the school holidays.

When I was young (not as long ago as you might think!) we used to play football outdoors in the summer. These days children are playing FIFA 13 on the Xbox or playing games on their iProducts. I predict this will lead to an increase in Rickets or other such illnesses as children miss out on much needed Vitamin D by being cooped up indoors all day, but that's just the doctor in me talking (I'm not a doctor). The Banish Bag helps to part children from their gadgets for a period so that they can enjoy some traditional childhood pursuits. Take a look at the article below to see what was said about them in the Telegraph...

Public Relations

Banish Bags and the Telegraph magazine

offeroftheday.co.uk has also had some top coverage recently, appearing in the Sunday Express and on the AOL freebie Friday page. The money saving website polled over 1,500 women to assess how receptive they would be towards a man producing discount vouchers on a first date.

The results were pretty eye opening as a third of women would be impressed by it, according to those surveyed at least. The use of a discount voucher suggested 'financial good sense' as well as demonstrating a high level of 'confidence to do so'. I suppose that's fair enough, as on a personal level, there's no way I'd have the confidence to produce a discount voucher on a first date! But then again I am known for being financially incompetent, so maybe that's just an extension of that. On top of the poll results, AOL also included an offeroftheday discount code further down the page. Nice! Check out the cuttings below...

Public Relations

offeroftheday.co.uk and AOL

Public Relations

offeroftheday.co.uk and the Sunday Express

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