09th Jan 2014, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for bonvoyage.co.uk - 09/01/14

Online cruising travel agency bonvoyage.co.uk has received some fantastic national and international media coverage this week.

The team approached a talented designer in order to create concept images of what the cruise ship of the future could look like. The images depicted a floating metropolis and the rise of the "supercruise", with a central pod for the main ship, surrounded by three luxury floating hotels that passengers could access via underwater, transparent tunnels.

The cruise ship of the future in the designs also featured multiple helipads, which passengers could use to be taken off the ship and off on excursions.

The images have been featured on the Daily Telegraph website and also on Travelbook.de (powered be BILD.de in Germany).

Check out the coverage here...

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bonvoyage.co.uk on Telegraph.co.uk

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bonvoyage.co.uk on Travelbook.de

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