18th Mar 2014, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round-up for bonvoyage.co.uk - 18/03/14

Our lovely cruising agency client bonvoyage.co.uk recently conducted some researching looking into the amount of holiday-makers who would prefer not to have the option to have constant access to internet connections and WiFi hotspots whilst attempting to relax and enjoy their cruise.

Two thirds of those polled confessed that they would rather not be able to access the internet on holiday, with 64% stating it was because they want to stay relaxed and cut out any stress/anxieties from the outside world and 32% confessing that they would be too tempted to check my social media pages constantly and not fully enjoy the holiday when connected to the internet.

Below is a selection of the coverage the story has garnered so far.

PR Agency
bonvoyage.co.uk on Mirror Online

PR Agency
bonvoyage.co.uk on Female First

PR Agency
bonvoyage.co.uk on Shipmonk

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