18th Feb 2016, by Harriet Dalwood

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Carwow.co.uk and Sunshine.co.uk- Thursday 18th February 2016

Hello all, Harriet here to give you today's coverage round-up, which comes from two of our lovely clients, Carwow.co.uk and Sunshine.co.uk.

The first bit of coverage I'm sharing with you today comes from Carwow's explosive growth and 'stellar' success. The Times wrote about how seed funding is a classic way of funding a start-up, using Carwow as a great example. The piece can be seen below.

The second bit of coverage comes from our great, long standing client, Sunshine.co.uk after one of their surveys found that one in every 10 teachers has told lies to take a holiday in term time.

The coverage can be seen below as it appeared in the Daily Star.

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