21st Feb 2014, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for chillisauce.co.uk- Friday 21st February 2014

Today's coverage round-up focuses once again on chillisauce.co.uk, which we worked with on the Naked World Sledding Championships 2014- and had a blast!

As we've outlined in previous posts, chillisauce.co.uk was awarded with the task of finding the UK representatives to take part in the championships held in Germany- so we developed a PR campaign to let people know about this, encourage them to enter and then create a buzz around the event here in the UK. The coverage has been fantastic, both before and after the events, and the pictures from the event that we sent out early this week continue to clinch some great pieces of coverage.

Two pieces that have come through today are featured in the London Evening Standard and the Midweek Sport- two very different, but equally awesome, UK papers. Check out the cuttings below!

public relations
A nice piece on the London Evening Standard in print

public relations
...and online

public relations
And in the Midweek Sport!

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