25th Oct 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up for Comparejewellery.com- 25th October, 2013

Comparejewellery.com, a jewellery comparison website, has had some more great coverage come through for a story they released about women's attitudes towards their engagement and wedding rings- with some pretty surprising results.

Looking at situations in which women might remove their rings, the study found that the majority of these situations related to work- with women apparently fearing being judged by their rings by employers. The majority felt that wearing the ring may signal that they are in at a certain point in their lives where they may consider starting a family- which many felt could hinder their chances of promotion or getting a job.

The study got some great results in the likes of the Telegraph, Mail and AOL- and has now also clinched the Daily Mail and Handbag.com, both fantastic and well read publications! Cuttings are below, so please do take a look.

public relations
A nice mention on the Daily Mail Online

public relations
And on Handbag.com

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