22nd Jul 2016, by Lauren Wilden

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for GoNutrition.com- Friday 22nd July 2016

One of the best ways to secure fab coverage and engagement (as well as those all-important follow links!) for our clients is to keep abreast of breaking news within the relevant sectors. A great example of some piggybacking coverage is the following online piece of coverage secured for our lovely client GoNutrition.com yesterday on metro.co.uk.

As you might have read, Public Health England are advising Britons to take a Vitamin D supplement during the Autumn and Winter months, as the lack of sunlight could cause serious illness and deficiencies within our bodies. As soon as this news broke, we contacts newsdesks, lifestyle and health reporters to let them know the nutritional experts over at GoNutrition.com were available for comment.

Check out the advice from Ciaran Hegarty at the company on how to introduce more Vitamin D into your diet below!

GoNutrition.com on Metro.co.uk

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