16th Apr 2018, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Hillarys - Monday 16th April 2018

We published the results of a new study by our home interiors specialist client, Hillarys Blinds, last week that highlighted what Britons are choosing to do with their spare rooms. The majority, it seems, now prefer not to have a guest bedroom as it only gets used a few times per year, and are instead using their spare rooms as dressing rooms, 'man caves' and more. It does make sense though - you own the house, why have one room remain empty almost all year round when you can use it for someone that you have an interest in? The results are doing well, with coverage on Herts Advertiser, amongst many others - of which you can see below.

We don't only push out press release data for our clients though. The design team at Hillarys are regularly looking into concepts of what we might find in our homes in future years, and we have been pushing out some fantastic concept images for them. The latest were Pollution Neutralising Curtains that help to protect your health and your home from outside factors. This generated some coverage on House Beautiful, Country Living and more... again, this is below to see.

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