14th Jul 2016, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Hillarys - Thursday 14th July 2016

Our client, Hillary's, (the UK's leading supplier of made-to-measure window dressings) have recently launched a microsite allowing you to determine how clean your home is by answering a few basic questions on how often you clean and wash certain parts of your home, including your bedding, bath towels and your fridge.

We're getting a lot of interest from journalists wanting to cover the microsite, and everyone's giving it a go - it's a lot of fun. Apparently my house is cleaner than 57% of the UK, and considering I live with friends I'll take that as a win!

So,'How Clean Is Your Home?'

The Mail Online have embed the quiz onto their website, but you can click on the link above to test it out and see how clean your home is compared to the rest of the UK.

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