11th Apr 2018, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Hillarys - Wednesday 11th April 2018

We've had a variety of press releases go out for our home interiors client, Hillarys, recently, off the back of some ongoing studies that they have in place. These have generated some fantastic coverage so I wanted to share some with you all...

One of the stories that went out was about British renters struggling with their landlords and why... things such as having to ask for permission to do things in the home, being asked to contribute towards fixing things in the home, etc. One piece of coverage for this was in the Malvern Gazette newspaper, which can be seen below.

Another story was about children ruling the roost; choosing their own bed times, controlling what's on the TV and more. One in eight parents went as far as admitting they sometimes retreated to their bedrooms just for a bit of respite. This generated coverage on Right Start, which can also be seen below.

Finally, a third story we've sent out recently was about what Britons do with their spare rooms in their homes. In seems less and less people are choosing to use the space as a spare bedroom for when they have guests (those who do find it's very rarely used), so people are choosing to have dressing rooms, 'man caves' and much more. Basically, they're using the room for something that will ensure it's used regularly - and so they should, they're paying for the room after all. This was picked up by the Sunday Independent (in print and online), with one of the cuttings below for you to see.



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