25th Oct 2017, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Hillarys - Wednesday 25th October 2017

Hillarys Blinds, our interiors specialist client, has run a few surveys recently around the home and Britons home life, with interesting results coming from the surveys.

One that we sent out last week was about Britons purchasing what they think is their dream home, only to realise very quickly after moving in that it's not indeed their dream home - whether that's because they have nightmare neighbours, their road is a traffic hotspot or people constantly park outside their homes. This has been picked up and used by Richard Fenton at the Daily Star Sunday (as seen below) as well as lots of regional press.

Another that was sent out earlier this week was a creepy one about the things that Britons find in their new homes upon moving in. Some are lucky and find furniture and white goods, things they can use, but some are unlucky and come across the gravestone of the previous family's dog, a collection of shred tarantula skins and even a collection of dolls with their eyes ripped out. Yikes! This has been picked up by the Yorkshire Evening Post (as seen below), the Wakefield Express, Scarborough News and many more news outlets.

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