16th May 2018, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Hotelscan - Wednesday 16th May 2018

We don't always send stories out to journalists in the hope they'll love it and run with it, sometimes we find out what journalists are working on and see how we can help. In the most recent instance, a journalist at the Telegraph was looking to do a story on the rise of solo travel and we thought that our accommodation comparison site client, Hotelscan, would be the perfect fit to offer up an expert comment.

The team at Hotelscan looked at their site data to find the top solo travel destinations to visit, with Thailand and Peru topping the list, and were able to see that the majority of solo travellers choose cheap and cheerful hostels over fancy hotels.

We're pleased to say that this was of interest to the Telegraph journalist and was featured in the piece...

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