22nd Feb 2017, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Jetcost - Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Our flight comparison client, www.Jetcost.co.uk, recently undertook a survey into the illnesses and injuries that Britons encounter whilst on their holidays, which revealed that most Britons suffer from heat stroke and flesh wounds, and are likely to seek medical assistance for these, even though they're not deemed serious.

This story has received a great piece of coverage on the Daily Express, as you can see below...

We also work on features for Jetcost, and just yesterday secured a feature with the Daily Express on some of the world's oddest laws & customs that will leave you scratching your head. A quick turnaround is no issue, and the feature has already gone live on the Daily Express, as you can also see below...

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