09th Mar 2016, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for JetCost.co.uk- Wednesday March 2016

So, yesterday Harriet briefly touched upon the coverage and success we're having for our flight comparison client, Jetcost, at the moment, but with them being my client I wanted to show off a little more. Yes, we've had fantastic pieces of coverage on the Guardian and the Telegraph, but it doesn't end there by any means...

The press release we issued was off the back of Jetcost's research which revealed the rules that cabin crew break whilst on duty, including having sex with their colleagues & passengers, and short-changing passengers which sees them pocketing about £300 per year.

The story has generated some fantastic coverage, including the Mail Online, the Independent, AOL and the Sun (to name but a few - it's generating SO much coverage!). Here's a few cuttings for you to look over...

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