02nd Feb 2016, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for MedExpress - Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Working with the online medical company, MedExpress, is a lot of fun. They regularly undertake research into a variety of health and lifestyle areas, including what Britons get up to in the bedroom. This time they've released the results of a study which revealed that over half of brides felt 'unsatisfied' on their wedding night where their husband may have drank too much or struggled to 'get things going', whilst a fifth of husbands also felt unsatisfied when they discovered their new bride was too tired or not in the mood to consummate the marriage.

The results have received great coverage! We mentioned some of the coverage for MedExpress on Friday and have also received coverage on the Huffington Post and Good Housekeeping, as you can see below...

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