19th Sep 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Mobile Phone Checker - Thursday 19th September 2013

MobilePhoneChecker.co.uk, a leading mobile phone comparison website in the UK, has had some great tech coverage this week.

The site conducted a poll to find out more about the average age of iPhone users, to see if there were any particular patterns emerging. The research revealed that the average age of an iPhone owner has increased by 10 years in the past 2 years, which proved to be very newsworthy indeed.

So far, there has been coverage on 2 great tech websites - Shiny Shiny and TechDigest.

Polls are a great way to uncover trends within different sectors, which can generate really newsworthy stories that the press love. You can see the cuttings for this story below.

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