31st Jul 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round Up for mobilephonechecker.co.uk - 31/07/13

mobilephonechecker.co.uk, a leading mobile phone comparison website, has got some great coverage recently through 10 Yetis. We put together a release based around research looking at how long it takes to break the average iPhone. According to the study it turns out that it's not long. Ten weeks in fact. A sound investment there then!

The findings also revealed the top five most common ways for this damage to occur. Number one was it being dropped on to a hard surface, which I'm sure most of us have experienced at some point. It's certainly happened to me on a number of nights out! But please; don't judge me. Second on the list was water damage. Third was being stood on. Fourth was being left on a car roof. And fifth was being broken by a child. Those pesky kids!

The release was well received by tech and mobile press and certainly rang true with a number of journalists if the coverage was anything to go by. Take a look at the cuttings below...

Public Relations

mobilephonechecker.co.uk and PC Advisor

Public Relations

mobilephonechecker.co.uk and Good Gear Guide

Public Relations

mobilephonechecker.co.uk and Mobile Entertainment

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