15th Aug 2016, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for notgoingtouni - Monday 15th August 2016

On Friday I did a coverage roundup for our client www.notgoingtouni.co.uk and explained how they'd released the results of a survey they commissioned that showed some young Britons are worried that they need to consider emigrating in order to get a good job / career for themselves. Well, over the weekend, we've had even more great coverage come from this press release, including on FENews.co.uk, the Shropshire Star and Fife Today. All of which can be seen below.

Alongside this, we also issued a reactive comment from Sharon Walpole, CEO of notgoingotuni, off the back of the Apprenticeship Levy being announced - again, which we've seen some great coverage off the back of - such as SmallBusiness.co.uk, which also can be seen below.

It's definitely going to be a good five-week campaign and we can't wait to show you more of the great coverage that we secure!

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