09th Nov 2018, by Fran Tuckey

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Selkie Swim co – Friday 9th November 2018

Happy Friyay everyone! Our super awesome outdoor swimwear brand Selkie Swim co received some great coverage this week.

Firstly, we had Best Fit Magazine do a picture feature on some of the best swimming locations that Team Selkie has visited. The article featured some beautiful imagery that would make you want to try wild swimming for yourself any day! The piece also mentioned the health benefits of open water swimming. There really is no excuse to not give this sport a go; you’re missing out if you don’t!

Alongside this, a new study carried out by Selkie Swim co found that Britons are spending less than an hour outdoors each day. Reasons for not venturing out include not liking the cold, wet weather or it being too dark outside, whilst over half admitted to spending more time outside on the weekends whether it be socialising, shopping or visiting an attraction. The press release was featured on Sports Insight.

You can view both pieces of coverage below:


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