01st Aug 2013, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for sunshine.co.uk - 01/08/13

Online travel agency www.sunshine.co.uk has had some great national coverage this week, following a press release that was run exclusively by the Press Association on Sunday.

The press release was based on a poll by the cheap holidays website, which focused on mobile phone usage during flights (you know, when you're really not supposed to).

The website wanted to find out how many people were guilty of ignoring the rules that surrounded mobile phone use on planes and the results were surprising enough to gain interest from the national media (a fifth ignored the rules).

Anyway, the story was featured in the Metro, The Sun, Daily Star, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and there was plenty of online coverage for it too. Some of the print cuttings can be seen below!

public relations
sunshine.co.uk in the Metro

The Sun and sunshine.co.uk coverage

public relations
Daily Mail and sunshine.co.uk

sunshine.co.uk and a NIB in the Daily Star

public relations
sunshine.co.uk in the Daily Telegraph

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