08th May 2014, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for sunshine.co.uk - 08/05/14

Online travel agency sunshine.co.uk has had some national travel PR coverage today in the Daily Star! This was following a story we sent out on behalf of sunshine.co.uk which looked at the friendliest cabin crew staff based on accents. British holidaymakers said that air hostesses and stewards with Liverpudlian accents were the friendliest, whilst those with brummie accents were the least friendly!

If you have a neutral British accent, you should perhaps consider a career as cabin crew, because they were seen to be the 'most professional'.

The story was also picked up by regional press such as the Birmingham Mail and Herald Express in Torquay.

public relations
Daily Star and sunshine.co.uk

Birmingham Mail and sunshine.co.uk

sunshine.co.uk and the Torquay Herald Express

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