23rd Jan 2014, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for sunshine.co.uk - 23/01/14

Online travel agency sunshine.co.uk has had a great mix of national and trade coverage this week. After announcing the company's latest financial results, with pre-tax profits of more than £1million last year, sunshine.co.uk has received some travel trade PR coverage on Travel Trade Gazette, TravelMole and e-tid.

Take a Break magazine also mentioned sunshine.co.uk in a destination feature about Cape Verde, with one of the travel agency's deals included in the article.

After sending out a survey-led press release uncovering a possible link between the frequency of overseas holidays and promotions at work, sunshine.co.uk also got some great pick up, such as TNT Magazine, Real Business and Fresh Business Thinking. Check out a selection of the cuttings below...

public relations
Take a Break magazine and sunshine.co.uk

travel PR
TTG and sunshine.co.uk

TravelMole and sunshine.co.uk

public relations
Real Business and sunshine.co.uk

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