02nd Oct 2015, by Harriet Dalwood

10 Yetis Coverage Round-Up for Sunshine.co.uk - Friday 2nd October 2015

Hello everyone! It's Harriet here ready to show you today's coverage round up. We've got four lovely pieces of coverage for one awesome client today so hold onto your hats while I delve into the details!

Sunshine.co.uk recived amazing coverage after they conducted a survey which revealed that half of Britons would walk out of their dream job for a free luxury round-the-world-trip. The survey revealed some even more shocking results including that 1 in 4 people would dump their partners to go on holiday and 9% were willing to give up a beloved kidney!

Here is the coverage as it appeared in The Sun, AOL Travel and Real Business.

Sunshine.co.uk in The Sun

Sunshine.co.uk on AOL Travel

Sunshine.co.uk on Real Business

Sunshine.co.uk also received some great coverage for one of their fab late deals to the Algarve. Perfect!

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